Andy Sinclair's Mime and Robot characters


DBS Checked

Nebular 1

Nebular 1 Mime Robot Character

Is a playful, friendly and inquisitive robot. Polished elegant black and now with the latest Technology. With an on board CCTV camera and a TV monitor implanted in the chest not to mention new sound effects, this makes Nebular 1 a must for any futuristic event or corporate situation.


Nebular Mime Robot Character

A charming formally dressed robot, immaculately presented. Nebular will welcome your guests, discreetly flirt and entertain with wit.

The Mime

The Mime

Andy is not only one of the top technical mimes in England, he also adds entertainment skill to this genre. Beautifully presented, technically perfect and off the wall, this is white face at its quirkiest.


Peirrot Mime

Pierrot is a classic character, who has a history which dates back to the seventeenth century and "commedia del arte". Graceful and slow moving yet as with all Nebular characters has a sense of fun and play.

The Party Mimes

The Party Mimes

New characters available for Jungle, Savannah, animal, circus and many other types of themed events. Visual different from any other mimes around.


Half masked mime character Rechardo

Recardo is a speaking mime (?) though it is only his family back home in a small European country that no one has ever heard of, that can ever understand him. The character of Recardo is drawn from many different areas of theatre, from the historic Commedia del Arte to the modern day street clown. He is something slightly different and is ideal for many different themed events.

Client feedback to one of Andy's agents for an event

"Sorry about the delay in telling you how much I enjoyed the mime artist. I only wished that I had had fewer obligations with my guests and could have watched him longer. Every time I saw him he brought a smile to my face or a chuckle or a you must see what he is doing. Thank you for introducing him to me. Many of the guests commented on him in their thank you notes. "

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